Council changes impacting tenants – water and waste

Townsville City Council has issued notices to residents announcing new water restrictions and a crackdown on contaminated recycling waste.

Your tenants have been notified of the above changes by Townsville City Council, and also by Townsville Rentals.



The Townsville area is now under Level 1 water restrictions, affecting the days and times of days your tenants can use sprinklers.

Odd number houses can use sprinkler and irrigation systems on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Even number houses can use sprinkler and irrigation systems on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Hand-held watering can take place any time on any day.

Adjust your automated irrigation system  Big Dog Lawn Services is offering Townsville Rentals landlords a good price to re-set timers to council’s requirements, and test the sprinklers to ensure all are working. $25 +GST

Phone or email your property manager to book this service.

If your property is vacant, and you do not have automated irrigation, please contact your property manager to discuss the option of a digital hose timer.

Click here for more information about water restrictions from Townsville City Council website.



Townsville City Council has initiated efforts from 25 August 2015 to improve the city’s recycling.

Waste truck drivers will refuse service to recycling bins containing contaminated waste. That is, food waste, some plastics particularly plastic bags, clingwrap, bubble wrap and other thin plastics, toys and clothes, pots and pans, scrap metal and steel rods, and green waste.

Townsville residents, including your tenants, who contaminate their recycling waste will have two options:

  1. Sort the recycling and remove contaminated waste before the next collection day (fortnightly), or
  2. Pay a $29 fee to council to have their bin re-collected. This fee is to be paid by the tenant.


Click here for more information regarding this new fee, and details about which waste can be recycled.