Cyclone preparation - roof and gutter clean DEAL

Our friends at C. Vella Plumbing are offering Townsville Rentals clients a great deal to assist with preparation for the storm season, and general roof and gutter maintenance of your investment.

Available until February 2016, C Vella Plumbing will offer roof and gutter cleans for $200 (inc GST), including a full written report of your roof, gutters and downpipes.

If any works are required, you will receive a FREE, no obligation written quote with your report.

Why would you consider this offer?

  • To know the condition of your investment and identify any small maintenance issues that could potentially become costly.
  • To identify any cracks that may create internal leaks if heavy rain occurs.
  • Clean gutters also allow heavy water movements to move on quicker, reducing possibility of leaking during a cyclone.

Offer available until February 2016.

Contact your property manager for more information or to make a booking –