Employment Grows in Townsville

14 February 2018

2018 has started on a positive note in Townsville, with a much-needed drop in the Unemployment Rate. 8.5% of Townsville’s Labour Market were unemployed in January. While still a concerning figure, this is a significant improvement from this time last year when the Unemployment Rate was 11.2%.
Importantly, this decrease is the result of a substantial increase in jobs in the city, with the Participation Rate (measuring the proportion of people of working age who are either working or actively looking for work) also increasing, demonstrating a confidence lift among North Queensland workers. Figures also show that there were an additional 10,000 people in jobs in the city.

This improvement is another sign that Townsville’s economy is beginning to turn, as the benefits of major public and private investments start to flow through to businesses and employees in the city.

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