Protecting Your Properties This Cyclone Season

20 March 2018

Townsville has experienced some wild weather recently, with heavy rains and storms. As we keep an eye on potential cyclones forming off the coast, it’s a good time to review your preparedness for any significant weather events.
Make sure that you have a disaster management plan - understand the risks at your properties and what actions need to be taken should damage occur. This includes the financial consequences of damage to your properties. Check on your property insurance to understand exactly what is covered. It's also a good idea to have some money put aside for any out-of-pocket repairs that may be required.
Townsville Rentals has a Crisis Management Plan in place and in the event of a cyclone, your Property Manager will work with you to provide property inspections and keep you updated on any damage that has occurred.
You can find out more about being cyclone ready here.

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