Tamara's Talks - April

16 April 2018

Welcome back to our humble editorial and for those who read the last one, thank you so much for the positive feedback!  What I hope to do with this space is take some time to address the questions I receive on a day-to-day basis.  

I want to start by addressing the most common question I receive from owners, both our long term clients and newcomers, which is, “Hey Tamara, if all this money is rolling into Townsville and reports are showing that we should be getting ready for a big boom, why am I still not seeing a quicker change to the increase in my rent?”

From my perspective at Townsville Rentals, I can 110% agree with the movement in the market and I too am excited by the expected growth for Townsville, but I am also waiting to see a little stability transpire before advising people to expect a drastic increase in the investment’s return. 

Some of the best news that our town has had in quite a while is the sheer amount of growth opportunities that we are currently working towards. The biggest drawcards are The Stadium, the numerous Solar Farms either under construction or close to in the region, The Haughton Water Pipeline Duplication and of course the Defence developments Townsville is set to expect over the next decade, to name but a few. 

While these exciting new developments hold a great deal of promise, it’s really important to recognise that they are still in the very early stages. Until the market finds stability, we believe that it will still take a little longer before we see substantial improvements on investment returns.

Personally, I think the most important thing we can do is continue to work as a community at large to embrace the growth and as always, shop local wherever we can!
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