Service Guarantee

In consideration of the trust you have shown toward us, we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service in the management of your investment property. If you are not completely satisfied within the first three months – we will refund the management fees.

We stand by the quality of our service because we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We give our guarantee to you, so we are all aware of the level of expectations. We survey both our landlord clients and our tenants to continually improve our service.

We will provide you with a Townsville Rentals Service Guarantee, which ensures the following:

  • We guarantee our service.
  • Your property will be listed on our Rental Property Guide as soon as a notice to vacate has been received from an existing tenant, or when your property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable tenant.
  • Vacant properties will be displayed on a digital display within the front reception of our office.
  • A signboard will be erected at your property, if authorised.
  • We will access our existing prospective tenant database and arrange inspections by tenants who are looking to rent within your property’s price range and location.
  • Regular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective tenants about your property.
  • We will present to the owner all applications obtained from prospective tenants.
  • We will conduct thorough checks on tenants applying for your property as permitted by law, to ensure that to the best of our knowledge the information given to us is accurate and that the tenant will fulfil all obligations as per the Tenancy Agreement.
  • We will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your property every 16 weeks, and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.
  • We will attend to all maintenance repairs as quickly as reported as per the Management Agreement. We will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements which will keep your property in a condition that will assist it to retain its optimum market value.
  • On a daily basis, we will carry out rent arrears checks and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies owing. Prompt action in accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act will be taken.

Should we fail to perform in any of the above areas, we invite you to register your complaint in writing. If the complaint is not acted upon and rectified within five days after receipt of your letter, you have the option to cancel our appointment as outlined in the Form 6 Appointment of Agent. If this occurs within the first three months of the management, we will refund the management fee charged.

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