Vacating a Rental Property

You have certain rights and obligations as a tenant vacating premises. The process may start with you issuing a Notice of Intention to Leave or you may receive a Notice to Leave. If you intend leaving when your contract expires, you must provide at least two weeks’ notice. Similarly, landlord are required to provide two months’ notice if they do not intend renewing a lease.

Tenants are next issued with a vacate date, which is the latest date for return of the rental property keys to Townsville Rentals.  Tenants are also required to:

  • remove all their property from the rental property
  • pay rent up to the vacate date, whether or not you are in occupation
  • complete an exit condition report upon leaving a property
  • leave the property in good order, otherwise we will hire professional cleaners at your expense.

The exit inspection will be completed next within three business days by your property manager. From there we will ascertain whether or not your bond can be directly refunded or if anything further is required.

If everything is checked and okay you will be refunded the agreed amount as directed by your property manager. This is typically processed inside of 14 days. If you disagree with us on the return of the bond, you may file a dispute to the RTA in Queensland.

Should you need any further information on the vacate process, your property manager will be happy to answer any questions or you can check RTA tenant fact sheets here.

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