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Our Specialist Leasing Team Mean That Your Vacancy Costs Will Be Less...

Our specialist leasing team has an exclusive focus on leasing your property.   Getting your investment working for you as quickly and effectively as possible by getting you a better tenant is the underlying source of your property returns and minimises your vacancy costs.  The speed and effectiveness with which we attract new tenants for you is a key component to success.

Our Leasing Team respond within two hours of receiving an enquiry during business hours - because getting a better tenant for you is our highest priority. Any time your property sits without a tenant is time your investment is not working for you - and our job is to keep your vacancy to the absolute minimum. 

Our Leasing Teams highest priority is to deliver better tenants, with a thorough application process completed. Having a specialist to attract and deliver the best tenants for your property is vital.   Without a good tenant - there is no income from your property.   No income means all of the costs of ownership have to be paid only by you - the owner.

That is why we are industry leading in our mission to ensure that your properties give you the best returns possible. That is why we have an experienced specialist Leasing Team to ensure you get better tenants sooner. We also work hard to keep good tenants - because that means no vacancy costs at all.  We get it...  And you are invited to check us out.

Our "Flat Fee" Means That Your Investment Return Is Maximized AND Transparent...

Townsville Rentals offers a TRANSPARENT, ALL INCLUSIVE annual management fee based on your investment property’s rental return. This fee is billed monthly, there are no extras or hidden costs, so you know exactly what you are paying each month.   Every property owner who has been through these numbers with us - has enthusiastically chosen our "Flat Fee" structure over the traditional percentage method still used in the industry today.

Our owners love it because its straight forward and because their total annual costs are reduced.

Our aim is to ensure complete transparency in our fee structure, so owners know what it costs upfront and at any time.

  1. In the table below you will see each of the rent bands shown and the corresponding annual
  2. The fees are charges at the time the rent money is disbursed to the owners nominated
  3. For some owners that is 12 times per year and the annual figure is divided in 12 equal
  4. Other owners who have opted for mid-month and end of month payments the annual fee is divided into 24 equal payments.


 What’s included in the Flat Fee

√     4 – routine inspections per year – report emailed to the owner

√     $450 worth of advertising

√     All LET fees

√     Lease renewal fees

What is not included in the Flat Fee

Ö Payment of Rates

Ö Payment of Body Corp Fees

For more information on our flat fee structure, call our Business Development Manager today!

Your Specialist Team of Professional Property Managers Committed To YOUR Results... 

Our Property Managers are dedicated to professionally managing your rental property. Our hybrid based management system means there is more experience working for you for property owners.  Your team of  property managers is committed to your property and to delivering you the best possible results from your investment.

Our specialist teams look after Key and Critical Departments and you will kept in regular contact by them.

  • Maintenance Team
  • Leasing Team
  • Inspections Team 
  • Accounts Team 

Each Property Manager in these teams is supported by systems and service standards that are Australia’s best practice. By having these specialised teams we are able to provide your with the most experienced people in each department that will be able to manage each and every situation through to resolution and they are not alone with our Team Leaders and Managers working side by side in each department.  This means you have access to professionals on your team who have years of experience ensuring that focus on protecting your property investment and continually making that investment work more effectively for you.

Contact Townsville Rentals now.

Our Business Development Manager

Our focus on service is driven through our Business Development Manager Terry Godde and nobody knows the business better. This is the first point of contact for property owners wanting Townsville Rentals to manage their property and the person who ensures your property management requirements are quickly implemented.

Our Key point of difference is that our Business Development Manager is also our Business Owner so he can also provide advice, data and support to property owners to help them achieve the best business outcomes from their property investment. Townsville Rentals has exclusive access to extensive, accurate and up-to-date data on the North Queensland property market, through our internal sources and our associated property group.

Our Business Development Manager can be contacted any time to provide the support, information and advice you need to maximise the performance from your property investment portfolio. Call our Business Development Manager today!

Our Service Guarantee

We don’t just talk about delivering great service, we back the quality of our customer service by providing every property owner with a 10-point Service Guarantee.

We guarantee:

  1. Your property will be listed on our Rental Property Guide as soon as a notice to vacate has been received from an existing tenant, or when your property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable tenant.
  2. Vacant properties will be displayed on a digital display within the front reception of our office.
  3. A signboard will be erected at your property, if authorised.
  4. We will access our existing prospective tenant database and arrange inspections by tenants who are looking to rent within your property’s price range and location.
  5. Regular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective tenants about your property.
  6. We will present to the owner all applications obtained from prospective tenants.
  7. We will conduct thorough checks on tenants applying for your property as permitted by law, to ensure that to the best of our knowledge the information given to us is accurate and that the tenant will fulfil all obligations as per the Tenancy Agreement.
  8. We will conduct a thorough visual inspection of your property every 16 weeks, and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.
  9. We will attend to all maintenance repairs as quickly as reported as per the Management Agreement. We will advise or suggest any ongoing maintenance requirements which will keep your property in a condition that will assist it to retain its optimum market value.
  10. We will carry out daily rent arrears checks and immediately follow up on any outstanding monies owing. Prompt action in accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act will be taken.

Should we fail to perform in any of the above areas, we invite you to register your complaint in writing. If the complaint is not acted upon and rectified within five days after receipt of your letter, you have the option to cancel our appointment as outlined in the Form 6 Appointment of Agent. If this occurs within the first three months of the management, we will refund the management fee charged. 

For more information on our 10-Point Service Guarantee, contact us now.

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